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Getting started

Learn what datumo is and how it helps boosting your Customer Experience.

What is datumo?

In a nutshell: datumo is a SaaS solution that keeps your CRM data in good shape! Indeed, it cleans, updates and enhances information on your customers, contained in your CRM.

The added value of datumo lies in the opportunity to constantly keep high data quality, reliability and actionability in your CRM, which are necessary to enable data-driven decision-making and deliver relevant customer experiences to clients.

How datumo works

datumo is based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models that - by analysing first party and third party external data - boost a company's CRM data on the basis of three main activities:

  • CRM cleaning: correction and elimination of inconsistencies due to poor-quality data entry (for example, typos and misspellings);
  • CRM filling: completion of existing properties already present in the CRM, but which are empty due to incomplete data entry (for instance, filling in name and last name properties);
  • CRM enrichment: creation and completion of brand-new properties.

the greater is the number and variety of properties available in your CRM, the better is datumo's ability to add and populate brand-new properties.

How datumo helps

datumo's goal is to allow key decision-makers to acquire and maintain an in-depth knowledge of their own customers, which should serve as support for the development of data-driven customer experience and personalisation activities.

In particular, datumo is thought as a support tool for:

  • marketing: in order to increase lead conversion, marketing activities will promote personalised and targeted communication;
  • sales: with the aim of creating successful up-selling and cross-selling strategies, product/service offers will be created based on the actual needs of each customer;
  • customer service: to support customers in the after-sales phase in the most appropriate ways and timings.