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Attributes on HubSpot


The list of attributes supported by the HubSpot integration is limited in order to guarantee the alignment with HubSpot Customer Terms of Service.


With existing categories

datumo supports some attributes which are already mapped within these existing categories.

datumo AttributeHubSpot Cateogry/Property name
NameContact information/First Name
SurnameContact information/Last Name
CompanyContact Information/Company name
Company websiteContact Information/Website URL
Preferred languageContact Information/Preferred language

With custom categories

datumo supports some attributes which do not have any existing mapping on HubSpot. Therefore, in order to correctly store them, datumo creates a new category named datumo Properties.

This way, when you will synchronize results with your HubSpot account, datumo will be filling any supporting default property and creating new properties that will be grouped under the new category datumo Properties.

datumo AttributeHubSpot Category/Property name
GenderDatumo Properties/Gender
Business languageDatumo Properties/Business Language

Visualize results on HubSpot

After accepting results, you can log into your HubSpot account and visualize boosted properties. To do so, you need to customize your Columns' View by follwoing these simple steps:

  1. In your HubSpot account, navigate to 'Contacts > Contacts';
  2. In the table format, click on 'Table Actions' dropdown menu, then select 'Edit columns'.
  3. In the dialog box
    • on the left, select the properties you want to appear in the table; select the dropdown menu 'Datumo Properties' to visualize those attributes which are ad-hoc created by datumo
    • on the right, use the drag handle to drag and drop properties to reorder the columns
    • click x if you want to remove a property;
  4. Click 'Apply'.

Alternatively, to visualize boosted results at a Contact/Record's level:

  1. Click on the Contact/Record you are interested in;
  2. Select 'View all properties' on the left side;
  3. In the dialog box on the right, search for the property you want to visualize and hover your mouse over it;
  4. Click on 'Add to your view' - the property will appear on the left side of the dialog menu;
  5. Go back to your Contact/Record View and you will be able to see the property on the 'About this contact' window.