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Get and stay acquainted, aligned and updated on datumo's terminology.


It is a special code which you enable the configuration of different data sources (e.g. MailChimp) and allows direct 'communication' with datumo.


A more general term for referring to a property / tag that stores information about your contacts. Learn more here about specific attributes supported by datumo for each CRM / Marketing Automation Platform.

Boost Up

It is the core process completed by datumo. It has the objective of enhancing a list of contacts (either contained in an integrated service account or in a .csv file dataset) with reliable, accurate and valuable information. datumo analysis is achieved by completing three steps: cleaning, filling and enriching.


A dataset is a .CSV format file downloaded from your CRM / customer database.


It represents a correctly integrated CRM or Marketing Automation Platform account with datumo. The configuration can be completed by any user of the same workspace. There is no limitation in the number of integrations that can be configured per each workspace. All configured integrations can be visualized in the Integration Bar on the left side of the dashboard.


Any attribute that is given as a characteristic to each record contained in a CRM or customer database. Es. Name, Surname, Telephone number, etc.

Run (CRM Run)

It represents an analysis that has been executed in a particular moment in time by datumo. A Run can be explicitly requested by users for any configured integration. Once completed, the results of the Run can be accessed directly in the dashboard. Depending on the perceived correctness of the outcomes, analysed results can be approved - this will synchronise them back with the source CRM - or declined.


Any line contained in a CRM or customer database that corresponds to a single lead, prospect or customer.


The environment in the datumo dashboard that belongs to a single company having at least a registered user. It includes any other user belonging to the same company that is invited by already registered peer users (colleagues). A workspace is identified with a folder icon.