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Health Status Checker

Health Status Checker

The Health Status Checker is a special feature which:

  1. authomatically scan all records and pinpoints data issues that are negatively impacting the completeness and quality of your dataset, CRM or Marketing Automation Platform
  2. allows you to understand to which extent datumo can help improve the situation.

Health status

Where to find the Health Status Checker

The Health Status Checker is available for each set-up integration and for any .csv dataset you uploaded on the dashboard. Therefore, to access this feature, simply click on the icon of a desired integration / .csv file and check section 'Health Status'. You will find two sections: 'Overview' and 'Attributes'.

How to interpret the Health Status Checker


The Health Status Checker assigns a score based on the quantity of issues identified in your CRM. Specifically, the score is a combination of the followting issues:

  • empty cells that can potentially be filled;
  • cells containing typos, errors, etc. which can be fixed / cleansed;
  • missing attributes that can added and that can provide new information on your client / customer.

The rating scale goes from poor to excellent. Intermediate levels are labelled as fair and good.

Based on the diagnosis, datumo will suggest you if your dataset / CRM needs a Boost Up. To launch one, simply click on the 'Play a new Boost Up' button and let datumo do its work. Learn more about how to visualize and check results.


While the 'Overview' section computes the Health Status from a general perspective, under section 'Attributes' offers a deep dive on specific attributes.

Health status