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Set-up Privacy

In order to use datumo, the customer is required to transfer a dataset which, most of the time, includes personal data. datumo is designed to ensure a compliant data transfer.

  • datumo provides an updated Data Processing Agreement (DPA) to reflect the requirements of the GDPR and to ensure a compliant data process. It is not possible to use datumo without entering into the Data Processing Agreement using the opt-in process. The DPA, elaborated using the EU Template, protects the Customer against the misuse of the transferred data set. The customer can save a copy of the DPA or have access to it anytime from the platform.

  • datumo does not transfer data outside the European Union. The sub data processors, listed in the DPA, are located in the EU and chosen among companies that guarantee a high level of security and compliance with the GDPR.

  • datumo processes data with the only purpose of providing the customer with the service required. The dataset transferred by the customer is automatically cleaned, filled and enriched and returned to the customer. datumo stores the data set only for the period of the data process, after the return of the data set, it is immediately cancelled. This process does not require any manuality.

  • datumo complies with the minimization principle by processing customer data for a very short storage limitation.

  • datumo helps customers in accuracy by cleaning and filling CRM datasets. 

  • datumo recognizes that CRM data is an important asset for Customers and provides in the Terms and Conditions a fully binding NDA.